3 in one

3 losses

I lost my cousin to a drug overdose on 3/28/17. We received that dreaded phone call on a Monday night as our family was waiting for my maternal grandmother who was in hospice to go home with the Lord. She passed away the next day 3/29/17. I got the phone call while at work that my grandma had passed and I needed to go pick up my mom who was also hospitalized during this whole time. We had my grandma’s funeral 4/5/17 , my cousins funeral 4/10/17 and my mom’s health got worse , to the point she needed to be in hospice as well. My mom passed away on 4/14/17. She went home on an Easter Friday. We lost 3 loved ones in less than a month. To say this year has been hard is an understatement but thru it all God has given me the strength.

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