Remembering my beloved companion, Sebastian.

“You have to take him,” my mom said to me. “ He is sitting on the mound where they are going to bury him.” Well, we did, and he was the best dog ever!
We pulled up to the house and said we were there to get Sebastian. He was chewing on cans in the yard. They just left us take him. We put him in the truck and that was the beginning of an amazing 14 years with a best friend we could have asked for.
I was a little nervous when our daughter was born that he would be jealous, but that was not the case. Our daughter could crawl in Sebastian’s pen or lay on him, or anything she wanted to do.
And let me tell you about a watch dog, he would let you know if there was someone different in the neighbor’s driveway.
Until the very end, he was our protector, and never let on like he was in pain.
Not only was he the best dog ever, he was part of our family.
We miss him so much!

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